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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Functional structure of a pancrease

The Functional structure of a pancrease that produce and releases hormones likes insulin that reduce blood glucose level and glucagon that increases blood glucose. Men are twice likely to suffer from pancreatic cancer than women. The symptom of pancreatic cancer are always slow to show off while some had a very few symptoms. Most of the time when the symtoms of pancreatic show off, it already in advance stage where the cancer had already spread to others parts of the body, typically the lymph nodes in the abdomen and the liver. Diabetes patients and people working in or contact with organic chemicals.

The symtom of pancreatic cancer are abdominal pain. Generalized itching, pale colour of the stool, Weight loss and Jaundice people. When the pancrease cancer started in the head of the pancrease which is the closest to the doudenum area, The patients were show itchness and suffer from jaundice and weight loss. If the pancreatic cancer started in the tail of the pancrease which is away from the doudenum, the tumor can grow to larger sizes before causing symptoms. This condition can result in the obstruction of bile excretion.



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