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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Person who is at risk of suffering from pancreas cancer

Most of the person who is at risk of suffering from pancreas cancer people of older age. As age increased our pancreas became weaker and when a person reach the age sixty, they are easy to develop pancreas cancer. Survey also found people from African American men and women are at greater risk of developing the disease. Smokers is another cause of developing pancreatic cancer and doctors find that smokers are two or three more times to get pancreatic cancer than non smokers. Diabetes is a condition in which one's insulin levels are not normal and this patient can result in developing pancreas cancer. Men are more then women to diagnosis with pancreatic cancer. Family history when a person's mother, father, sister, or brother had the disease. Also, a family history of colon or ovarian cancer increases the risk of pancreatic cancer.

The symptoms of pancreas cancer are not always cause symptoms in the early stage and and most refer to people as a silent disease. Sometimes when the symptoms is out it already spread to many parts of the body. Symptoms may include or as the cancer grows you may notice your skin and eye are yellowish and your urine are dark in color. Pain in the upper abdomen and upper back. Weight loss, nausea, weakness and loss in appetite. But sometimes sign of the symptoms pancreas can be of other disease. See your doctor as your doctor can diagnose the cause of a the symptoms.