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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pancreatscancer in the early stage are hard to diagnosis

Pancreas cancer is a kind of disease in which a malignant cell are found in our tissue of our pancreas. Most of pancreatic cancer in the early stage are hard to diagnosis until the pancreatic is in advanced stage as symptoms of pancreatic cancer are also related to other causes. Surgically is the most common in treating pancreatic cancer by removing the malignant parts in our pancreas and rerouting the stomach and the bile ducts from the liver to the small intestine.

People who is at high risk of infected with pancreas cancer are people who smoke very heavy. Old age is another factor and male gender are more to experience such disease then female gender. African-American people and people whose diet is high in red meat. Occupation that is exposure to chemical such as dyes, pesticides and related to gasoline. Family history.

Most of the sign and symptoms of pancreas cancer are loss in appetite, unexpected weight loss, and pain in the upper abdomen. The occurs of jaundice due to the tumor grows bigger and obstructs the bile ducts. Eating health with more green and daily exercises can prevent you from many diseases and sickness.